Deploy Chatbot on Multiple Channels

  • Facebook


  • Whatsapp


  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

  • Website


The remarkable quality of our smart bots is that once written, customer journeys are run across all integrated platforms, thereby resulting in a truly omnichannel experience on all essential touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps and social media messengers like Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Telegram, and WhatsApp!

Our enterprise-grade features are especially adept at enriching CRMs and help provide a single view of the consumer. Locobuzz smart-bot provides Lead generation and 24/7 smart assistance for abetting brand growth!

The Locobuzz bot technologies play a role in deeply understanding new-age customers with a vast variety of knowledge-building output. This also means unifying different customers across the digital realm and supporting them through a single powerful technology which upholds your brand’s best customer service values.