Enjoy a single-view of your customers across the Digital World

Our cloud platform converges technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Automation to provide brands with a unified 360-degree customer experience management suite.

Listen, Analyse and Engage with their customers

Automated customer interactions using AI

Derive Marketing and Advertising intelligence

Real-time Data Analytics Hub, quality research and insights

Stabilise and growth their digital presence in a competitive online market

How do we fit in with your CX agenda?

Locobuzz Platform can streamline your consumer engagement and help you save time and improve efficiency across marketing functions, consumer care, analytics. By leveraging AI it can help you reduce costs while providing a reliable and consistent customer experience across all the digital touchpoints.

  • Derive insights that can help in designing campaigns, monitor brand chatter, identify influencers and benchmark with the competitors.
  • Engage with customers, resolve queries, identify patterns, streamline the process for efficiency to improve customer satisfaction scores.
  • Identify leads and other engagement opportunities with experience automation and AI-powered chatbots.
  • Manage and grow brand performance on key social channels through a powerful omnichannel dashboard - in real-time.
  • Develop customer insights, optimize customer journeys and enrich customer insights with relevant market insights and analytics.

Why Locobuzz?

We serve marquee brands across sectors like Hospitality, Telecom, Automotive, BFSI, aviation etc. We have helped our clients streamline their customer experience processes, leading them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers and position them as thought leaders in their domain. The use cases can vary from lead generation to crisis or campaign management, to influencer and community management to market research and consumer insights – all on a single, unified platform - Locobuzz!

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