With Locobuzz, there is a seamless versatility to customer experience management
with our WhatsApp integration services.

On one hand, when customers initiate a
conversation with your brand, their queries are
routed through ORM systems to form a ticket with
an agent. The result of responding to the ticket would
be that customers will experience a real-time conversation
entirely over WhatsApp!

Additionally, our AI-powered smart bots are
sharply defined to respond and service
customers instantly, purely on its advanced
machine learning capabilities.
However, if
there is a query which the bot doesn't seem to
understand, the lucid transference to a
human agent over the platform ensures that
no customer is left unattended.

The remarkable quality of our smart bots is that
once written, they are run across any platform they
are integrated with, confirming that the customer
experience across all touchpoints - especially
, as it is one of the most popular social
media platforms in the world.

The idea of WhatsApp Integration with
Locobuzz substantiates real-time user
experience with rock-solid customer
engagement solutions!
The aim is to
evolve CX into a deeper relationship,
wherein customers rely on
WhatsApp as a preferred platform to
engage with your brand!

What's amazing about this approach is that
it creates a very interesting opportunity for
satisfying customer demands through top-notch
automation solutions and Online Reputation