In the age of modern tech practices and the exchange of information over the Internet, a crisis like the Covid19 pandemic can have an entirely novel and grappling effect on civic stability. It is very important for Governments to have a strong digital foothold on managing the information flow amidst a crisis, and present an informative front to the general public.

Locobuzz presents the Digital Citizen Support Management Suite for all Governments. Here, we provide you with the finest digital technologies to prepare you to communicate with modern netizens. With this suite, it is possible to plan informative responses, provide timely assistance to citizens and obtain astute digital recovery. The suite is designed to help governments take control of the Infodemic and present a unified, informative and reliable front to the public.

Command Centre for Crisis Management

The Locobuzz Command Centre provides visual data metrics based on real-time crisis intelligence and audience sentiment. This Digital Hub is used by many powerful private conglomerates to manage crisis intelligence and formulate strategic resolutions real-time.

During this Covid19 crisis, the force of a Command Center will help the Government to -

  • Avoid Quick spread of mis-information
  • Minimise Social Unrest/Panic
  • Provide answers to queries
  • Leverage Digital Citizen communities
  • Amplify updates/information
  • Be meaningfully connected to Citizens

Chatbot for Citizen Engagement

As of March 2020, the global average of Whatsapp users went up to 42% from the formerly 27% two weeks prior. The strength of automation would help Governments build a strong and reliable image with large of chat users for the purpose of fighting the Covid19-created Infodemic.

Chatbot for Governance services can be integrated on any Government website, Facebook and Twitter messenger, relevant apps in both iOs and Playstore, Whatsapp and LINE messenger.

During this Covid19 crisis, the use of bot services will help the Government to -

  • Relay latest counts and important information from the Government
  • Citizens can report crimes and possible infected patients with pictures, SOS texts, etc
  • Information about Corona, self-test directives and symptoms information
  • Key contacts information, Corona Helplines
  • Multilingual support.